Fees and Referrals


I provide psychology therapy sessions of approximately 50-60 minutes.  For most clients I charge a fee of $195 per session. 

The majority of clients I see can access a rebate of $129.55 if they have a Mental Health Care Plan referral from their GP, leaving them out-of-pocket $65.45.

A GP can complete a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) for many psychological symptoms and conditions.  A MHCP referral will allow you to access a Medicare rebate of $129.55 per session, for up to 10 session per calendar year (Jan-Dec; this has now been increased to 20 for 2021-2022). 


More information about this program can be found here.

I can also see clients under Victims Services (NSW) referrals and OPEN ARMS, at no charge to the client

Many clients also elect to self-refer and either access rebates through their health insurance fund or self-fund.

Information for Referrers

Please make out referrals to:

Brad Inglis

Provider Number: 4338084K

4/451 Golden Four Drive, Tugun

F: 07 3547 8448

Medical Objects is my preferred method of communication, alternatively please email direct to or fax 07 3547 8448

Please also feel free to call me or email me anytime to discuss referrals:

0479 088 125